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Watching Out for Your Neigbhorhood

Your Property is the fruit of your labor and hard work. As the real estate scene changes, squatters may take advantage of vacant houses and bring down the value of your home. Make your neighborhood a safer enviroment for you and your family by reaching out to us. We'll get rid of the squatters and get in contact with the owner of the vacant property so they can sell or move into the home. Our team will negotiate the purchase and sale of the house in order for it to be occupied by the right people.

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Get Cash for the Home

This would be an all cash transaction for the seller. We pay all the typical closing costs, no realtor fees, and close it in as little as a week. This is an as-is offer and we will worry about getting the squatters out after the transaction closes. We can help with squatter problems in Las Vegas. This article will help with some ideas of how to get out squatters in Las Vegas

Caution:  Avoid leaving home Vacant

Our Motto

At Stop the Squat our motto is to treat our customers like you would your own family. Never promise something you can't do, and take all the pressure away from the seller and surrounding neighbors.

Protecting our City and It's Beauty #VEgas strong

Before with Squatters

This property was overrun by squatters, causing the entire surrounding neighbors stress and worry.

After the Squatters

This was the result of evicting the squatters restoring the home back to match the neighborhood.

Types of Services

Fire Damaged

We read in the news many times a month where squatters are starting fires. This is a major problem for Homeowners, Neighborhoods, Fire Departments, and city/county officials. 

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Flood Damaged

We will buy Flood damaged homes as well. Nothing scares us!! Buyers typically have difficult times getting funding to buy water damaged properties. As a Cash buyer we will buy these types of properties with ease.

Unethical Rental Agreements

Often we see trespassers who provide lease agreements on the property the owner never signed. Do not be the victim of this type of criminal activity!! We buy these properties and rectify the situation.

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